Voice Automated Dialog Intelligence

Voice Automated Dialog Intelligence

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Voice Automated Dialog Intelligence

Hearing can be hard. Listening IS really hard. Understanding is beyond challenging. VaDi – Voice automated Dialog intelligence can help you. We are THE Conversation Technology experts. Unlock the potential of conversation…. Anywhere, anytime.
        - the VaDi creation team 2010-2019

First Principles *

No one teaches how to actually hear what people are saying.
We think we know, but how really do we learn that what we hear from others is what others hear from others? The same thing with listening? Our parents say “listen to me” – and we think we know what that means, but do we?

So, at a fundamental level – no matter how well schooled we are, we just THINK we know how to hear, how to listen and how to make sense of what is said.

*Definition of First principle. A first principle is a basic, foundational, self-evident proposition or assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition or assumption. Source: Wikipedia.


Our team at U&I Digital and Unblinkingear are working hard to hear, listen and make sense of what individuals, or small or large groups say and what they mean. We have created a platform to help students, families, businesses people, and actually every person to have a better way to understand conversations. We hope that through using our unblinkingear/VaDi tools, you will feel more in control of what you are hearing, thinking and feeling.


Conversations are at the heart of understanding each other and getting to mutual respect.
Today – we really don’t have a way to step back and have a tool that helps us move outside of our own thinking and bias. VaDi is that tool to allow us to hear what an individual or a group of people are saying.
VaDi is here to help.

Important VaDi Features

Every conversation is heard and saved.
Each speaker is important; where and when they enter the conversation can matter.
We are flexible – our output and assets allow you to work directly and fast with what we give you or you can output them into templates you have been using, your choice.
We let you bring in conversations from other sources – they may not be as precise and individual as VaDi, but you can learn from the combination of everything.

What Makes Us Good

Surveys, polls, questionnaires, tracking can be fine way to understand certain parts of human experience…….

….but only through discussion and dialog can we truly get deeper to understand what is meant by a response – be it written or a gesture.

VaDi helps you go deeper and capture more of what conversation provides when humans interact with humans.

What VaDi does

  • Listen to you using our proprietary unblinkingear technologies.
  • Follow dynamic, real world dialog and discussions so that we can hear all of unexpected turns conversations may provide us with.
  • Whether listening to one, two, or many speakers – we are able to keep track of all of the conversations and make sense of what is said.
  • Summarize what we have heard and what it means using a simple graphic display.
  • Give you a verbatim summary of what the conversation was and a wide range of tools to look at the conversation.
  • Depending on your plan, you have available a database tool which allows you to review conversations to study and learn more about what they mean to you. You have control over your data now and in the future.

Who can benefit from VaDi?

Actually – anyone
  • - Parents
  • - Couples
  • - Friends
  • - Students
  • - Business people
  • - Academics
  • - Politicians

How can families benefit?

  • - How many times do you really understand a family member?
  • - What if you had a tool that would help you hear the other person and have a simple display of what they actually meant?

How can students benefit?

  • - When the teacher says something, what did they say and when simplified, is that what you understood?
  • - When you are interacting with others (parents, teachers, other students) what are you saying and is what you said, coming out of your mouth, what you hoped it would be?

How can business people benefit?

  • - Wouldn’t it be great if you got your meetings summarized, yet could go back and check what was completely said?
  • - Wouldn’t it be great if you had a summary of what your customers or consumers said and could store it and review it later?

More benefits from VaDi

How can parents’ benefit?

  • - How often do you wish you had recorded a conversation you had with a child, so you could understand it better later?
  • - What if you could review conversations with your children either by yourself or with them to get to a better place of understanding?

How can couples benefit?

  • - Are you ever confused by what your significant other says about some topic of importance to you both?
  • - Imagine having a tool that summarizes a conversation and then presents to you an uncomplicated summary of what was said and what it meant?

How can academics people benefit?

  • - Imagine being able to hear your lectures and then have them summarized in an impartial way for meaning and understanding.
  • - Imagine a tool that would allow you to study those presentations you make that are most successful and comparing them against those you do not like as much?

How can polititians benefit?

  • - What if you could hear your talks and study them against a summary of what different listening styles/mindsets hear?
  • - What if you were able to compare the actual content and summarization of a talk you give relative to a competitor or someone you find highly effective in their oral messaging?